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Wii Sports Resort: Storm Island Download

Wii U Install Guide

Wii Install Guide

Version 5.0 and up is recommended

Be sure to check the discord for info on future updates! You should also consider joining if you know how to work with PowerPC.

Version Updates Download
  •  Added "ImpossiPong". This mode makes it so that Cole is almost impossible to beat. You can enable this under the "Bonus Content" Menu. Make sure you use a Guest Mii


  • Basketball Updates, Just small textures and stuff. I'll add Birdemic Mode in a future update

New Option : 

  • Bonus Content : This feature lets you use stuff that I worked on at one point but scrapped due to lack of interest, I thought it might interest you.


  • Revamped Menu


  • Custom Golf Courses: The Storm Island Team managed to make the first 2 custom Wii Sports Resort Golf Courses! One of them is over Resort Hole 1, and the other is over Classic Hole 1. You can't complete it due to how the game applies collision culling to the cup. We are working on a fix for that but for now, the courses are for show. 


  • 510 Wind is back!
  • Updates to Out of this World mode in golf.


  • Custom Swordplay Showdown Stages

New Mode for Home Button Hotline Bling :
  Random Mii Generator : This will randomly generate CPU Miis in the game, it is rng based so It will be different every time, you can enable this in The Home button hotline bling option

It is labeled as "RandomCPUGenerator"



Music Edits 

 New Mode For Golf : Out of this world : This took me about 2 whole weeks to make, Each course has its own unique obstacle/Feeling to it, I imported some objects from other games and gave each course its own twist to try and make it feel like your playing on another planet!

New Bowling alley texture
Text Updates


New Enhancements Added :

          1. Wii Play Style Ping Pong : The more you hit the ball (it gets faster each frame that its in the air) the faster the ball gets, but you should probably try this in 2p mode though it works in return and 1p mode as well. Just not very well...


2. Netplay Test : Exactly what it sounds like.


3. Dunk Only Basketball : This Enhancement allows you to dunk from anywhere on the basketball court.


If you would like to suggest an enhancement (within reason) then tell the storm island team in the discord! we are also looking for people who are familiar with The PowerPC Assembly Language to help us work on enhancements, let us know in the discord if you can help out with that!


New Enhancements Added  :

 1. Texture Randomizer : One of the coolest enhancements (In my opinion) is the texture randomizer, it changes all of the textures to the texture of the biggest object in view

(Does not work in Power Cruising, might not work in Speed Slice Either)


2. Gummoworld : This disables the pointer to the game textures (I think) so it makes the game look like the textures are TV Static, It looks really cool In Golf

(Does not work in Power Cruising, Duel, Basketball Pickup, or Speed Slice)


3. Partender : Basically Beginners Golf


4. Crazy Text : Text Randomizer


5. Frictionless Ping Pong : Exactly what the name says, When the ball bounces on the table, It'll go higher since each time it bounces because of no friction applied to it, This might help stop table locking


6. Bowling Speed Hack : This will cause the ball to go really fast when thrown, you also get practice shots since throwing it backwards will cause it to go forward since the Z Velocity is set to -1 


7. Idle Defense : Idle defense in Basketball


8.Sentient Golf Ball : When you hit the ball, it becomes uhhhhhh Self Aware I guess, and from there It decides where it wants to go


9. No Flyover Timer : This Disables the timer in Island Flyover


  • Text Updates
  • Fixed Some Things in Golf
  • Music Updates
  • Other Stuff
3.0 - Music Updates
- New Modes added for Golf Including : Reverse OOB, And Corrupted Chaos (More Modes will Be added in the next update)
- Text Updates
- Enhancement Menu Added : This is a feature that allows you to select a feature which will either enhance or add something new to a Game in Resort, I have 3 features as of right now, I plan to add a few more before release, For Example : Infinite Cycling Stamina, 512 MPH Golf and Frisbee Golf Winds, and Showdown God Mode, Etc. More will be added soon, most likely before releas

Added Bowling: Anarchy Mode! (Check the description of this video for more info) https://youtu.be/Xp37bxSeUsY)

- Added The Blind Font Challange (This challenges the player to try and play the game with the font corrupted and letters missing, I actually had a lot of fun with this surprisingly, You might too!)

- Music Updates
- Text Updates
- New Island Model : Super Corrupted Island Added (This is fun to play with in swordplay showdown)
- XML Updates

1.0 First Release  


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