Wii Sports Resort: Storm Island

Wii Sports Resort: Storm Island Is a Modpack for Wii Sports Resort created by The Storm Island Team. Which is made up of the following people:
- Jimmy Kaz
- KILL043
- DarkDevil
Download it here!
The Modpack was created as a way to try and get more people to play Wii Sports Resort again.
Development of the modpack was started in March of 2017, Version 1.0 was released sometime near the end of 2017.
KILL043 Joined The Storm Island Team in 2019, and created the following enhancements for the pack:
DarkDevil joined the team in 2017. He made a couple of the textures and BRSTM files used in the pack.
He also sent Jimmy Kaz a texture that fixed the Archery crash that would have caused the pack to have
been canceled.
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